The Celani Family Foundation was founded by Tom and Vicki Celani in 2014 as a charity dedicated to addressing the needs of youth and helping fight hunger. The foundation was created by Tom and Vicki as they wanted to engage their three children, Vincenzo, Olivia, and Benedetto, in giving back to their communities. As such, they now serve the underprivileged and less fortunate families in Detroit, as well as the surrounding metropolitan area.

Tom and Vicki wanted to not only set an example of working with charities but also financially supporting the community and those in need. Today, they host two major events that directly benefit charitable organizations in the Detroit area, Cars and Cigars and Hunger Free in the D. These events have raised over $10,400,000 in charitable donations.


Since its inception, the foundation has grown, making important contributions to many diverse charities. Those charities include:


Celani Gift Helps Bring Advanced Cardiovascular Technology To Beaumont, Troy

A recent gift from Vicki and Tom Celani will transform cardiac catheterizations at Beaumont Hospital, Troy. Called the CorPath System, it provides advanced patient care through robotic precision and controls while enhancing safety for patients, physicians, nurses and technicians alike.

Corpath Robotic System

“This generous support from Vicki and Tom Celani is giving our patients the very best in cardiac catheterization technology,” said Steve Almany, M.D., director of the Cardiac Catheterization Labs at Beaumont, Troy. “We have installed it in our new, updated cardiac catheterization lab, allowing us to really move forward in our efforts to continue working on the leading edge of care. This is going to make a great difference for our patients and our staff, and all of us at Beaumont, Troy are grateful for the Celanis’ thoughtfulness and kindness.”


The CorPath System is the first FDA-approved robotic system designed to aid interventional cardiologists in performing percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI), also known as coronary angioplasty. PCIs are nonsurgical procedures that improve blood flow to the heart through the use of a catheter tube that is inserted through the wrist or groin and uses real-time imaging to locate and open blockages using a small balloon. Cardiologists then may use a stent to keep the artery open and improve blood flow. The procedure can be used to relieve coronary heart disease or during or after a heart attack.

As good as the new system is for the patients, it also offers significant benefits for the physicians and other staff who assist during cardiac catheterizations. Many of these clinicians suffer from hip, knee and ankle problems during their careers from having to wear lead vests and other protective equipment during their workdays. The CorPath System allows caregivers to view images from a specialized cockpit away from radiation exposure, eliminating the need for heavy gear in the catheterization lab where advanced x-ray imaging is a significant aspect of the environment.


This gift marks the second major investment by the Celanis in Beaumont. In 2010, they supported the renovation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

“Beaumont truly is fortunate to have friends and supporters like Vicki and Tom Celani,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, chief development officer of Beaumont Health and president of Beaumont Health Foundation. “When they learn of a need, they act and with this latest gift, they truly will make a difference for thousands of heart and vascular patients at Troy. We deeply appreciate their support.”